A rectangular area is to be fenced in with 300 feet of chicken wire. find the maximum area that can be enclosed.

Accepted Solution

Let the lengths of the sides of the rectangle be x and y. Then A(Area) = xy and 2(x+y)=300. You can use substitution to make one equation that gives A in terms of either x or y instead of both.

2(x+y) = 300
x+y = 150
y = 150-x

A=x(150-x) <--(substitution)

The resulting equation is a quadratic equation that is concave down, so it has an absolute maximum. The x value of this maximum is going to be halfway between the zeroes of the function. The zeroes of the function can be found by setting A equal to 0:
x=0, 150

So halfway between the zeroes is 75. Plug this into the quadratic equation to find the maximum area.


So the maximum area that can be enclosed is 5625 square feet.