If xy + 2ey = 2e, find the value of y'' at the point where x = 0.

Accepted Solution

Answer:y = 1 is the value at x = 0Step-by-step explanation:The given equation is xy + 2ey = 2e We have to solve this equation to find the value of y at the point x = 0.xy + 2ey = 2ey(x + 2e) = 2eNow we divide this equation by (x + 2e) on both the sides of the equation.[tex]y=\frac{2e}{(x+2e)}[/tex]Now we have find the value of y at x = 0By putting x = 0 in the simplified form of the equation[tex]y=\frac{2e}{(0+2e)}=\frac{2e}{2e}=1[/tex]So the value of y is 1.