Li wants to add these items to her suitcase: a hairdryer (1.25 lb), a hand-held video game (0.6 lb), an extra video game (0.25 lb), and a music player (0.4 lb). Using the inequality x ≤ 2.25, can she add all these items to the suitcase? If not, what could be left out to be closest to the maximum weight allowed? Explain.Her suitcase already is 47.75 with a 50 lbs limit. There is an extra fee once you go past the limitPLZ HELP!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:add up all of the weights and see if it's less than 2.25 or not 1.25+0.6+0.25+0.4 = 2.5 2.5 is not less than 2.25, so she can't add all of the itemsStep-by-step explanation:\(^~^)/