Please Help!!! :))As Fast As Possible.John Muir was an American naturalist born in Scotland on April 21, 1838. As one of the first advocates of the United States’ wilderness preservation, Muir spent his career writing letters, essays, and books about many of his experiences in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, located in northern California. Muir’s influence on the history of American wilderness continues to live on past his death (in the early twentieth century) as people of all ages visit and hike through the 221 miles of the John Muir Trail, named in Muir’s honor. The trail begins in Yosemite National Park and concludes at Mount Whitney. The following table compares Mount Whitney’s height, in feet, to other monumental peaks of the world. Mountain Location Height (in feet) of Highest Peak Mount Whitney California, United States 14,497 feet Mount Fuji Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan 12,388 feet Mount Everest Great Himalayas of southern Asia 29,035 feet Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania, Africa 19,340 feet Mount Olympus Mytikas, Greece 9,577 feet The height of each peak is expressed in the standard form of a number. Express the height of Kilimanjaro in scientific notation.A 1.934 x 10^4B 1.934 x 10^5 C 19.34 x 10^4 D 19.34 x 10^5THANK YOU!!!

Accepted Solution

the answer will be 1.934 * 10 ^4 = 19340 feet
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