the number line below represents the solution to which inequality?<--|--|--|--|--|--O--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|-->__ -6__-4__-2 __0 __2 __4 __6(Filled circle)(Arrow pointing left from -2)F. -2x + 7 > 8 _G. 7x + 11 < 4 _H. 6x - 9 < -21 _J. -3x -15 < -27 _

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:We are given with a FILLED CIRCLE : If circle is filled that means that that point is also included in the number line solution. here we are given that the arrow is pointing left from -2 and the circle is filled hence -2 is included and as the arrow is pointing towards left towards negative , the includes all the point less or equal to -2The solution of the in equation would be x ≀ -2Unfortunately none of the option gives the above value of x.