What is the equation of the line that passes through the points (-1, 7) and (2, 10) in Standard Form?A) -3x + y = 4B) -3x + y = 16C) - x + y = 8D) -x + y = 12

Accepted Solution

bearing in mind that standard form for a linear equation means• all coefficients must be integers, no fractions• only the constant on the right-hand-side• all variables on the left-hand-side, sorted• "x" must not have a negative coefficient[tex]\bf (\stackrel{x_1}{-1}~,~\stackrel{y_1}{7})\qquad (\stackrel{x_2}{2}~,~\stackrel{y_2}{10}) \\\\\\ slope = m\implies \cfrac{\stackrel{rise}{ y_2- y_1}}{\stackrel{run}{ x_2- x_1}}\implies \cfrac{10-7}{2-(-1)}\implies \cfrac{3}{2+1}\implies \cfrac{3}{3}\implies 1[/tex][tex]\bf \begin{array}{|c|ll} \cline{1-1} \textit{point-slope form}\\ \cline{1-1} \\ y-y_1=m(x-x_1) \\\\ \cline{1-1} \end{array}\implies y-7=1[x-(-1)]\implies y-7=x+1 \\\\\\ y=x+8\implies \boxed{-x+y=8}\implies \stackrel{\textit{standard form}}{x-y=-8}[/tex]just to point something out, is none of the options, however -x + y = 8, is one, though improper.