There is no one definitive answer to this question. Each akc registrar may have their own process and requirements for registering a dog without papers. In general, you will likely need to provide some form of proof that the dog is legitimately your pet and has been spayed or neutered (if required by your akc registrar).

How To Akc Register A Dog Without Papers

There is no definitive answer to this question as each akc registration process may vary depending on the specific dog breed’s club or organization. However, in general, most akc clubs and organizations will require some form of proof of lineage in order to register a dog. This may include official akc paperwork such as registration certificates or pedigrees, or it may require submitting documentation such as DNA test results or photographs of the dog’s parents.

-A computer with internet access -A printer -Official AKC registration form -The dog’s official pedigree papers (if available) -Payment for the registration fee

  • Enter your contact information, breed of dog, and name of dog. upload a picture of
  • Visit the american kennel club website and click on “register a dog.”
  • Select “i don’t have papers.”

1. If you don’t have the papers for your dog, you can’t simply register them with the AKC. 2. You will need to provide some other form of documentation, such as a vet certificate or breeder registration. 3. The AKC may also require you to provide proof of ownership. 4. Without the proper paperwork, the AKC may not be able to process your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualifies A Dog To Be Akc Registered?

In order for a dog to be AKC registered, it must meet certain criteria. The dog must be purebred, and it must be the offspring of two registered parents. The dog must also be healthy and meet certain conformation standards.

Can Any Dog Be Akc?

Yes, any dog can be AKC registered. The American Kennel Club is a registry of purebred dogs in the United States.

How Can I Get Papers On My Dog Without Papers?

There are a few ways to get papers on your dog without papers. One way is to find a breeder who will sell you a puppy without paperwork. You could also adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. If you find a dog you want to adopt, the shelter or rescue organization may be able to help you find the dog’s paperwork. Finally, you could also check with breed clubs or breeders associations to see if they have any papers on file for the breed of dog you are interested in.


There are a few different ways to register a dog without papers. You can either contact the AKC or another registry and ask if there is any way to register the dog without proof of lineage, or you can create your own registry. If you choose to create your own registry, you will need to create rules and regulations for how to verify that dogs are legitimately registered, and you will need to have a system for tracking the dogs that are registered.

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