Befriending a dog in Breath of the Wild is a relatively easy process. First, approach the dog cautiously and avoid making sudden movements. Once the dog has calmed down, slowly offer it a food item, such as a piece of meat or cheese. If the dog accepts the food, pet it and give it a nickname. Over time, continue to feed and pet the dog, and it will eventually become your friend.

How To Befriend A Dog In Breath Of The Wild

There are a few different ways that you can befriend a dog in Breath of the Wild. One way is to simply speak to it, and another is to feed it. You can also try to pet it, but this may not always work.

-A bow and arrow -A fishing rod -A shield -A sword -Bait (meat, fish, or insects)

  • Once the dog is calm, offer it a treat and say hello pet the dog’s
  • Find a dog in the wild and approach it cautiously
  • If the dog barks, back away slowly until it calms down

-When you approach a dog, always make sure to do so slowly and calmly. -Avoid making loud noises or sudden movements, as these may startle the dog and make it difficult to befriend them. -If the dog is eating or playing with a toy, give them some time to finish before trying to greet them. -When you finally approach the dog, try to get down on their level to make them feel more comfortable. -Extend

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Tame Dogs In Zelda Breath Of The Wild?

No, dogs in Zelda breath of the wild cannot be tamed. They will attack Link on sight.

How Do You Get A Dog To Show You Treasure Botw?

There is no sure fire way to get a dog to show you treasure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, some methods that may work include feeding your dog treats or taking it for walks.

How Do You Befriend A Wolf In Breath Of The Wild?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific wolf in question and what its personality is like. However, some tips on how to befriend a wolf in Breath of the Wild include being friendly and approachable, feeding the wolf meat or other food items, and communicating with the wolf in a gentle and calming manner. Additionally, it may be helpful to avoid acting aggressively or fearfully around the wolf, as this could potentially scare it off.

In Closing

In Breath of the Wild, there are a few things you can do to make befriending a dog easier. First, try to stay calm and avoid eye contact. Second, offer the dog a treat or toy. Finally, if the dog doesn’t approach you, slowly back away and leave it alone.

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