How To Contact Brandon Mcmillan

Brandon McMillan is a world-renowned animal behaviorist, author and television personality. He is the star of the Animal Planet show “Lone Star Law” and has authored two books on animal behavior. McMillan frequently gives presentations and workshops on animal training and behavior across the United States.

How To Contact Brandon Mcmillan

If you would like to contact Brandon McMillan, you can do so by visiting his website at You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Brandon McMillan can be contacted through his website, His contact information is available on the website, and he can be reached by email or phone.

  • Fill out the form and hit submit
  • Find the contact page
  • Go to the brandon mcmillan website

on how to contact Brandon McMillan: 1.Brandon McMillan can be reached through his website at 2.He can also be contacted through his Facebook page at, or on Twitter at 3.For booking inquiries, please contact his agent, Jilltipsy, at

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Brandon Mcmillan Do Now?

Brandon McMillan is a television personality, author and former marine biologist who starred in the show “Lucky Dog” on CBS. He now works as a dog behaviorist and trains dogs for movies and television.

What Is Brandon Mcmillan Doing Now That He’S Not On Lucky Dog?

Brandon McMillan is now a full-time animal activist and spokesperson for the animal charity Paw Works. He also does occasional appearances as a guest judge on animal talent shows such as America’s Got Talent.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Brandon Mcmillan Train Your Dog?

Brandon McMillan charges $1,000/hour for training services.

To Summarize

Brandon McMillan is a world-renowned animal behaviorist, author, and public speaker. McMillan has worked with some of the country’s top zoos and aquariums and has also trained animals for television and film.

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