Dew claws are the nails on the inside of a dog’s paw, located above the paw pads. They are not used for walking or gripping and usually don’t need to be trimmed. If your dog’s dew claws are getting too long, you can trim them yourself with a pair of human nail clippers. Just be careful not to cut into the fleshy part of the paw pad.

How To Cut Dew Claws

Dew claws are the tiny nails located on the inside of a dog’s front leg, above the paw. They do not touch the ground when the dog is standing, and therefore do not get worn down like the other nails. Most veterinarians recommend that dew claws be removed soon after birth. This can be done with a small surgical scissors or clipper.

needed tools: -sharp scissors -a calm animal material needed: -a towel or blanket to wrap the animal in -pain relief medication if necessary

  • If there is infection or excessive bleeding, consult a veterinarian immediately
  • Cut the dewclaw off at the base, as close to the paw as possible

There is no right or wrong way to cut dew claws, but there are a few things to consider when making the decision. The first consideration is whether or not the dog will be used for hunting. If so, then it is important to leave the dew claws intact, as they can provide extra grip and stability when running through brush and undergrowth. If the dog will not be used for hunting, then there is no real need for the dew claws and they can be safely

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cut Overgrown Dew Claws?

If your dog has overgrown dew claws, you will need to clip them. Use sharp scissors or a clipper designed for this purpose. Cut the claws just beyond the point where they grow out of the paw pad. If you are not comfortable clipping your dog’s dew claws, ask your veterinarian to do it for you.

What Happens If You Don’T Trim Dew Claws?

If you do not trim dew claws, they can grow too long and curl back into the paw, potentially causing infection, pain, and even bone deformity.

Do Dew Claws Need To Be Trimmed?

Dew claws do not need to be trimmed unless they are causing the dog pain or getting snagged on things.

To Review

Dew claws are the tiny claws on the inside of a dog’s paws. They are not necessary for a dog to live a healthy life, so they can be safely removed. Dew claws should be cut when the puppy is very young, before they have a chance to grow in too big.

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