Dogs’ dew claws are the two small nails on the inside of a dog’s front paws, and they don’t serve any purpose. They can actually cause problems for dogs if they grow too long, so it’s a good idea to cut them off. You can do this yourself at home with a pair of clippers, but be careful not to cut into the fleshy part of the paw.

How To Cut Dog’S Dew Claws

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual dog and the way their dew claws are positioned. Some veterinarians may recommend simply trimming the dew claws regularly as they grow, while others may suggest complete removal of the dew claws. If you choose to trim your dog’s dew claws, it is important to do so regularly and correctly, as improper trimming can cause bleeding and infection. The dew claws should be trimmed flush

-A sharp pair of scissors -A dog

  • With the dog standing, use your thumb and index finger to firmly grip the dewclaw between the pads of your fingers
  • Point the dog’s toe towards the ground and carefully cut off the dewclaw using sharp scissors

There are a few things to consider when trimming your dog’s dew claws. First, make sure you have the correct tools. Clippers and scissors designed for trimming dog nails will work best. You’ll also need styptic powder or a product like Kwik Stop to stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut too close to the quick. Before you start trimming, take a look at your dog’s claws and find the dew claws. They’re the two smaller claws on

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should Dew Claws Be Cut?

Dew claws should be cut when they become a nuisance, usually every 4-6 weeks.

What Happens If You Don’T Trim Dew Claws?

Dew claws are the small claws on the inside of a dog’s leg, above the paw pad. They are not necessary and can be surgically removed without complication. If they are not trimmed, they can grow long and curl around into the dog’s skin, leading to infection.

Do Vets Trim Dew Claws?

Yes, vets trim dew claws to keep them from growing too long and becoming entwined in the dog’s fur or caught in things.

In Summary

Dew claws are the two nails on the inside of a dog’s paw, above the pads. They do not touch the ground and do not need to be clipped.

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