If your dog is wearing a cone, you will need to take some extra steps to make sure he or she is getting enough food and water. One way to do this is to place the food and water in opposite ends of the room, so the dog has to walk across the room to get to them. You can also use a syringe or turkey baster to give your dog food and water.

How To Feed A Dog In A Cone

The best way to feed a dog in a cone is to place the food inside the cone and let the dog eat it from there. You can also cut small pieces of food and place them directly in front of the cone so the dog can eat them more easily.

-A dog cone -A bowl for food -Some wet food or a blender to make your own wet food

  • If the dog tries to move the cone, place your hand over the top of the cone to keep it in place
  • Place food in the center of the cone
  • Allow the dog to eat out of the cone

Dogs wearing cones should be fed twice a day and given smaller meals to avoid vomiting. It is important not to give them food that is high in fat or protein because it can cause digestive problems. Dogs in cones can eat dry kibble, canned food, cooked meat, rice, pasta, and yogurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Cone Off Dog To Eat?

You can take the cone off of a dog to eat, but it is not recommended. The cone is put on the dog to prevent them from licking or biting their wound, and if the dog eats the cone it could interfere with the healing process.

How Do I Feed My Dog With A Cone Collar On?

If your dog has to wear a cone collar to prevent them from licking or chewing their wound, there are a few ways you can feed them. One way is to place the food at the bottom of the cone and let your dog eat out of it like a bowl. Another way is to cut small holes in the cone so your dog can reach their food. However, you may have to help them eat their food if it is too big or difficult for them to chew.

Does My Dog Really Have To Wear The Cone?

Your vet likely recommended that your dog wear a cone after surgery or an injury to prevent them from licking or chewing at the affected area. While it can be frustrating for your pet and you, the cone is necessary to ensure a speedy recovery.


When a dog is wearing a cone, it is important to monitor how much they are eating. Often, dogs will try to eat too much food at once and can choke on their food. Try to break the food into small pieces and feed the dog slowly.

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