If your dog has been known to chew on things, then it is important to take precautions to protect your baseboards. One way to do this is by using a PVC pipe. Cut the pipe to the length of the baseboard and then fit it over the corner. This will help to protect the corner from being chewed.

How To Fix Baseboard Corner Dog Chewed

If the baseboard corner has been chewed by a dog, it will likely need to be fixed and/or replaced. The first step is to identify the extent of the damage. If the damage is only superficial, such as a small hole or a few scratches, then the corner can likely be fixed with some wood glue and clamps. If the damage is more extensive, however, then the entire section of baseboard will need to be replaced. In either case,

-Tape measure -Plywood or other sturdy material -Ruler or a straight edge -Circular saw -High-grit sandpaper -Stiles and rails (if you are making your own molding) -Paint or a sealant -Caulk -Paintbrush

  • Apply wood glue to the back of the patch and the damaged area
  • Cut a patch of baseboard that is the same shape and size as the damage
  • Clamp
  • Inspect the damage and identify the type of baseboard

-If the baseboard corner has been chewed to a point where the drywall or insulation is visible, the damage will need to be repaired before the baseboard can be fixed in place. -If the baseboard corner is only slightly chewed, it can be fixed in place with wood glue and a clamp. -If there is a large hole in the baseboard corner, it will need to be patched up before it can be fixed in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix Chewed Baseboards For Dogs?

There are a few things you can do to fix chewed baseboards for dogs. One option is to use a bitter apple spray to deter your dog from chewing on the baseboards again. You can also try covering the baseboards with a chew-proof barrier, such as a sheet of metal or Plexiglas.

How Do I Fix My Dogs Baseboard Bite?

You should consult with a veterinarian to see if there is an underlying medical condition causing your dog to bite the baseboards. If there is not an underlying medical condition, you can try training your dog using positive reinforcement techniques.

How Do You Repair Wood After A Dog Chews?

The best way to repair wood after a dog chews it is to use a wood glue and clamps to hold the pieces together while the glue dries.

To Review

There are a few ways to fix baseboard corner dog chewed. One is to use a wood filler or putty to patch up the hole. Another is to use a hot melt glue gun to attach a new piece of baseboard to the existing one.

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