In Terraria, there are several ways to get a pet. One way is to find a tameable creature and right-click on it with a food item. Another way is to buy a pet egg from the Merchant, then incubate and hatch it.

How To Get A Pet In Terraria

There are a few ways to get a pet in Terraria. The easiest way is to find an egg and incubate it. Once the egg hatches, the pet will be following you. Another way is to find a creature that is already tamed and has been following you. Finally, you can use a Pet Summoning Item to summon a pet.

-Terraria -PC or mobile device -Pet summoning item (e.g. guide to getting a pet)

  • ♣ get a pet egg from a monster ♣ place the egg on the ground ♣ watch the egg hatch into a pet ♣ name your new pet

-There are a few ways to get a pet in Terraria: by finding an egg, by buying one from an NPC, or by spawning one using a certain item. -Eggs can be found randomly while digging in the world, and they will hatch into a pet when they are exposed to water. -Pets can also be bought from various NPCs throughout the game. The Merchant sells basic pets, while different Bosses sell rare pets that cannot be found anywhere else

Frequently Asked Questions

What’S The Best Pet In Terraria?

There is no “best” pet in Terraria, as each pet has its own unique abilities and stats that may make it more advantageous for one player over another. Some of the better pets to choose from include the Stardust Dragon, which can damage enemies and heal players; the Pixie, which can fly and hover to help players navigate difficult terrain; and the Unicorn, which can charge through enemies and obstacles. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide which pet will best suit his or her needs in a given situation.

How Do You Get A Pet Npc In Terraria?

In Terraria, there are two ways to get a pet NPC. The first way is to build a house and then use the Guide Voodoo Doll to summon one. The second way is to find one in a dungeon.

How Do You Unlock Pets In Terraria?

In order to unlock pets in Terraria, you first need to find a key. Keys can be found randomly throughout the world, but there is also a key that can be found in the Dungeon. Once you have a key, you can use it to open the cage that contains your pet.

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There are many ways to get a pet in Terraria. One way is to find a pet egg and hatch it. Another way is to find a wild animal and tame it.

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