In “Sea of Thieves,” players have the opportunity to earn in-game rewards called commendations. To earn a commendation, players must complete specific tasks or achieve certain goals. For example, players can earn a commendation for defeating a certain number of enemies, or for finding all of the collectibles in a specific area. There are many different types of commendations, and players can view their progress towards completing a commendation by opening the “Commendations” menu from the game’s main menu.

6 Steps to Get Commendations Sea Of Thieves

There are a few ways to get commendations in Sea of Thieves. The most common way is by completing voyages and turning in the treasure to the appropriate NPC. Commendations can also be earned by completing challenges, defeating enemies, and helping other players.

In the world of Sea of Thieves, commendations are a way of showing your prowess and expertise in various aspects of the game. They serve as a measure of your skill and provide a means of bragging rights among your peers. For some players, the challenge of collecting as many commendations as possible is enough motivation to keep sailing the seas.

Step 1: Complete Voyages

In order to get commendations in Sea of Thieves, players need to complete voyages. These voyages can be obtained from the three main factions in the game: the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance. Each of these factions will offer different types of voyages that will reward players with commendations upon completion.

Step 2: Defend Ships From Attack

The player must protect their ship from enemy attacks and defeat any enemies that attempt to board their ship. To do this, the player must use their weapons and defenses to defeat the enemy attackers. The more enemies the player defeats, the more commendations they will earn.

Step 3: Fulfil Trade Contracts

To get commendations, players must first complete trade contracts. These contracts are found at outposts and require players to trade goods with other pirates. After completing a contract, players will receive a certain amount of commendations, which can be used to purchase items from the Black Market.

Step 4: Collect Treasure

Sail to an island and start digging. Use your shovel to dig up buried treasure. Once you’ve found some treasure, use your map to mark the location of the buried treasure. Sail to another island and start digging again.

Step 5: Complete Skeleton Fort Hunts

In order to get commendations for skeleton fort hunts in Sea of Thieves, players need to first complete a skeleton fort hunt. Upon completion of the hunt, players will be able to loot the fort for commendations.

Step 6: Kill Pirates And Skeletons

To get the ‘Kill pirates and skeletons’ commendation, players need to kill a total of 5,000 pirates and skeletons. This can be done by sailing around the world and killing any pirates or skeletons that are encountered. Alternatively, players can complete specific quests or challenges that often require the player to kill a certain number of pirates or skeletons. Once the player has killed a total of 5,000 pirates and skeletons, the ‘Kill pirates and skeletons’ commendation will be unlocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get A New Day Commendation?

There is no specific way to get a new day commendation, but there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of receiving one. First, try to be active and helpful on the site. This includes posting quality content, answering questions, and helping other users. Additionally, you can try to be active in the community by participating in discussions and forums. Finally, you can try to be a good role model for other users by setting a good example.

How Do You Get Always Yours Commendation In Sea Of Thieves?

To get always yours commendation in Sea of Thieves, you need to complete a set of challenges that are specific to the commendation. These challenges can be found in the game’s menus.

In Summary

Sea of Thieves offers players the ability to earn commendations for a variety of different activities. These commendations can be used to purchase rewards from the commendation trader. The most efficient way to earn commendations is to complete voyages and sell the loot.

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