Giving an injection to a dog is not difficult but there are a few things to keep in mind. Dogs are typically given injections in the scruff of their neck but you can also give them injections in their shoulder muscle.

How To Give An Im Injection To A Dog

There are a couple of ways to give an injection to a dog. The most common way is to use a needle and syringe. To do this, you will need to find a vein in the dog’s leg and inject the drug into the vein. Another way to give an injection to a dog is to use an insulin pen. This is a device that looks like a pen and has a needle on one end. You will need to push the needle into the dog’s skin and

-dog’s weight in pounds -needle and syringe (1″ or less, 18-gauge) -10 ml syringe for drawing up medication (luer lock) -alcohol swab -epinephrine autoinjector (0.3 mg/ml) -3 inch needleless injection site -newspaper or other disposable surface for clean up

  • Insert the needle into the vein at a 45 degree angle and push the plunger until all of
  • Extend the dog’s hind leg and locate a vein
  • Find a vein in the dog’s leg and clean the area with alcohol

-Check the dog’s identification tags to ensure you are giving the injection to the correct dog -Lay the dog on its side and restrain it if necessary -Locate the middle of the back and identify the shoulder blades -With your nondominant hand, lift up the dog’s skin between your thumb and first 2 fingers -With your dominant hand, insert the needle at a 45-degree angle into the muscle tissue and inject the medication

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Give An Im Injection To Animals?

IM injections are given in the muscle, so you would give an IM injection to animals in the thigh muscle or the rump muscle.

Where Do You Give An Im Injection To A Dog?

The best place to give an IM injection to a dog is in the muscle on the back of its neck.

Can You Give Dog Vaccines Im?

Yes, you can give dog vaccines IM.

To Review

When giving an IM injection to a dog, be sure to use a needle long enough to penetrate the muscle. Be sure to aspirate before injecting to avoid hitting a blood vessel. Inject the medication slowly to avoid causing pain.

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