To hold nail clippers for dogs, start by placing your thumb and first 2 fingers on top of the clippers. Then, hold the clippers at a slight angle so that when you squeeze them, the blades will cut through the nail. Next, guide the clippers down the nail and squeeze gently to make the cut. Finally, repeat this process for each nail.

4 Steps to Hold Nail Clippers For Dogs

To hold nail clippers for dogs, start by holding the clippers in your dominant hand. Place your thumb on top of the clippers and your index finger on the underside. Wrap your remaining fingers around the clippers for stability. Then, position the clippers so the blade is perpendicular to the dog’s nail. Apply gentle pressure to the clippers to cut the nail.

One of the most important things to learn when taking care of dogs is how to properly hold nail clippers. This will ensure that you do not accidentally hurt your dog while trimming their nails. If you do not hold the clippers correctly, you could end up cutting the quick, which is the blood vessel in the nail. This can be extremely painful for your dog and may cause bleeding.

Step 1: Hold The Clippers In Your Dominant Hand, With The Blades Open

To hold the nail clippers for dogs, take the clippers in your dominant hand and open the blades. Place your thumb on one side of the blades and your index finger on the other side. Press the blades together to cut the nail.

Step 2: Place The Dog’S Paw On Top Of The Clippers, So That The Nails Are Sticking Out Between The Blades

Place the dog’s paw on top of the clippers, so that the nails are sticking out between the blades. Hold the clippers securely, and then use your other hand to help guide the clippers along the nail.

Step 3: Clip Each Nail Slowly And Steadily, Making Sure Not To Cut Into The Quick

To clip your dog’s nails, hold the clippers in your dominant hand and the foot in your other hand. Place the clipper on the nail at a 45-degree angle. Clip each nail slowly and steadily, making sure not to cut into the quick.

Step 4: If You Do Cut Into The Quick, Apply Pressure To The End Of The Nail To Stop The Bleeding

To clip a dog’s nails, hold the nail clippers in one hand and the dog’s paw in the other. Place the clippers on the nail and clip with a quick, firm motion. If you cut into the quick, apply pressure to the end of the nail to stop the bleeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Direction Do You Trim Dogs Nails?

Trim the nails in the direction that they grow.

How Do I Restrain My Dog To Clip His Nails?

There are a few ways to restrain your dog to clip his nails. You can have someone help hold your dog while you clip the nails, or you can put your dog in a crate or on a leash so he cannot move around. You can also purchase a nail clipping device that will hold your dog’s nails in place while you clip them.

Which Way Do Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers Go?

The guillotine type of dog nail clippers have a blade that slides up and down in a slot. The blade is positioned at the end of the nail clipper handle. There is a small hole in the blade that the nail is placed into. The blade is then pushed down, cutting the nail.

Which Way Do You Hold Nail Clippers For Dogs?

To clip your dog’s nails, hold the clippers in your dominant hand and position your dog’s paw in your other hand. Squeeze the clippers to cut the nail.


There is no one right way to hold nail clippers for dogs. Some people find it helpful to grip the clippers near the blade with their thumb and first two fingers, while others prefer to hold them with the clippers pointing downwards and the handle parallel to the ground. Experiment until you find a way that is most comfortable and effective for you.

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