How To Kill Raccoons With Fly Bait

Raccoons are nuisance animals that can be killed with fly bait. Fly bait is a poison that is put in food or water. It causes the raccoon to have a seizure and die.

How To Kill Raccoons With Fly Bait

There are commercial raccoon poisons on the market, but these are not always effective and they can be dangerous to pets and children. A much safer and more economical way to kill raccoons is to use fly bait. This bait contains a toxin that is lethal to raccoons but safe for other animals. To make fly bait, mix one part molasses with two parts corn meal. Place the bait in a bowl or other container where the raccoons can reach it, and wait

You will need a bait station, bait, and a fly trap.

  • Measure out the fly bait according to the package directions
  • Wait for the raccoons to come and eat the bait
  • Sprinkle the bait around the area where the raccoons are living
  • The rac

There are a few things you need to know before attempting to kill raccoons with fly bait. First, make sure you are using the correct bait. Second, you need to make sure the bait is properly placed. Finally, you need to make sure the raccoons cannot get to the bait.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Bait Will Kill Raccoons?

There are a number of baits that will kill raccoons, including poison bait, firearms, and traps.

Can You Use Fly Bait To Kill Raccoons?

It is possible to kill raccoons with fly bait, but it is not a humane way to do so.

Will Golden Malrin Fly Bait Kill Raccoons?

Yes, Golden Malrin fly bait will kill raccoons.

In Summary

There are a few different ways that you can kill raccoons with fly bait. One way is to put the bait in a container and then trap the raccoon inside of it. You can also put the bait on a stick and then poke it into the ground so that the raccoon will eat it.

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