Making a dog bed out of a comforter is a great way to recycle an old comforter and give your pet a comfortable place to rest. To make a dog bed out of a comforter, you will need: -An old comforter -Scissors -Ruler or tape measure -Pins -Sewing machine (or needle and thread) 1. Cut the comforter into four equal squares. If the

How To Make A Dog Bed Out Of A Comforter

Making a dog bed out of a comforter is an easy task. All you need is a comforter, scissors, and a sewing machine (or needle and thread). 1. Cut the comforter into two pieces, one for the top and one for the bottom. The size of the pieces will depend on the size of your dog bed, but it’s generally recommended to make the pieces slightly bigger than your dog so he can move around comfortably. 2

-Comforter -Pillow -Scissors -Thread -Needle -Sewing machine (optional)

  • Fold one third of the comforter towards the center
  • Arrange comforter on the floor with the short side facing you
  • Repeat with the other third, making sure that the two folded sections overlap

-Measure the size of the comforter and cut a piece of plywood to that size. -Cut a piece of batting to the same size as the plywood. -Cover the batting with the comforter. -Stitch around the edges of the comforter, using a sewing machine or by hand. -Sew a loop of ribbon on one corner so you can hang it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Dog Bed Comforter?

There are a few ways to make a dog bed comforter. One way is to use an old quilt or blanket and cut it to size. Another way is to buy a dog bed cover and sew your own comforter to fit.

How Do You Make A Homemade Dog Bed?

There are a few ways to make a homemade dog bed. One way is to use an old T-shirt as the fabric for the bed. Cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size, then sew the two pieces together along three sides. Turn the fabric right side out, and fill it with batting or stuffing. Sew the last side shut, and your dog bed is finished.

How Do You Make A Dog Bed Step By Step?

1) Cut a piece of fabric to the size you want your bed to be. You can use an old sheet, a blanket, or buy fabric specifically for a dog bed. If using an old sheet or blanket, make sure it is sturdy and won’t fray. 2) Hem the fabric or sew Velcro onto the edges so that it will stay together. 3) Stuff the fabric with batting or recycled foam pieces cut to the size of the bed. 4) Sew up the side of the bed. 5) Optional: attach a handle to the top of the bed for easy carrying.


To make a dog bed out of a comforter, all you need is a comfortable and sturdy piece of furniture to put the comforter on, and a few basic supplies like scissors, pins, and thread. Start by folding the comforter in half so that it’s square, then cut along the fold to create two equal sides. Next, pin the two sides together so that they stay together, then sew them together using a basic stitch. Finally, place the dog bed in a comfortable spot in your home and let your furry friend enjoy!

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