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How To Put Fabric Softener In Kenmore Washing Machine

Adding fabric softener to a Kenmore washing machine is a simple process that only requires a small amount of the product. Fabric softener helps to reduce the amount of static cling in fabrics, making them softer and more comfortable to wear. It is important to follow the specific instructions for adding fabric softener to a Kenmore washing machine, as using too much can cause problems with the machine’s performance.

How To Put Fabric Softener In Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenmore washing machines come with a fabric softener dispenser. The dispenser is a small container that sits on top of the washing machine. There is usually enough space in the dispenser for two or three fabric softener sheets. To put fabric softener in a Kenmore washing machine, first check to make sure that the dispenser is empty. If it is not, remove any fabric softener sheets from the dispenser and discard them. Next, open the

-Liquid fabric softener -Washing machine -Measuring Cup -Pour spout

  • Add the required amount of liquid fabric softener to the dispenser
  • Empty the fabric softener container into the washer tub
  • Select the desired cycle and press start

– check the fabric softener dispenser for any obstructions – locate the fabric softener dispenser cap and remove it – pour the fabric softener into the dispenser – replace the cap and ensure that it is tightly closed – run a cycle with fabric softener to disperse the product through the load of laundry

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Put Fabric Softener In A Kenmore Washer Without A Dispenser?

There is no specific way to add fabric softener to a Kenmore washer without a dispenser. Fabric softener can be added to the wash by pouring it into the machine’s dispenser or by adding it directly to the wash water.

Where Do I Put The Fabric Softener In My Kenmore Washer?

In a Kenmore washer, fabric softener should be placed in the front load basket.

Where Does The Fabric Softener Go?

The fabric softener goes down the drain.

Where Do You Put Fabric Softener In A Whirlpool Top Loader?

All fabric softeners work in the same way- they help to dissolve the starch in the clothing and make the fabric feel softer. Most people put fabric softener in the laundry drawer, but you can also put it in the dryer, if you have one.

Where Do You Put Fabric Softener In A Top Loader?

Most fabric softeners are placed in the top loader.


In order to put fabric softener in a Kenmore washing machine, open the lid and add the fabric softener to the washing machine’s dispenser. Select the clothes and settings you wish to use, and press start. Leave the clothes in the washer for the appropriate amount of time, and then press finish. Remove the clothes and enjoy your freshly-clean clothes!

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