WW2 Dog Tags were used to identify and track soldiers during World War II. They were made of stamped metal and included the soldier’s name, rank, and serial number. The tags were worn around the neck on a chain or cord.

How To Read Ww2 Dog Tags

Military dog tags are used to identify a service member’s body in the event of death. The tags are also used to track a service member’s medical information. In order to read a WW2 dog tag, you will need to know the service member’s full name and their military branch.

a magnifying glass, a light source, a steady surface, a set of dog tag reading instructions

  • Check the date of birth and death, if applicable look at the branch of service check the serial number
  • Check the name and number on the tag
  • Open the dog tag

– Read the tags in order from left to right – The first letter of each word is capitalized – Numbers are spelled out – Spaces are used between each word

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Letters On Dog Tags Mean?

Military dog tags are stamped with a variety of letters and numbers that identify a service member’s particulars. The letters may represent the service member’s religion, blood type, rank, or other information.

What Does An H On A Dog Tag Mean?

The “H” on a dog tag is the symbol for the branch of service in which the soldier served.

What Happens To Dog Tags When A Soldier Dies?

Soldiers who die in combat or as a result of their military service often have their dog tags with them. The tags are collected by the military and returned to the soldier’s family.

In Closing

Reading World War II dog tags is a way to pay tribute to the brave men and women who served in the war. By understanding the different components of a dog tag, you can learn more about the soldier’s service history. By appreciating the significance of these tags, we remember the sacrifices made by our troops and their families.

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