Pitbull lockjaw is a condition that can occur in pitbulls, where the dog’s lower jaw becomes locked in a closed position. This can be caused by various things, such as an injury to the jaw, or an infection. If left untreated, the dog may eventually die from lack of food and water. However, there are various methods that can be used to release the dog’s jaw, including using manual pressure, using a lubricant, or using heat.

How To Release Pitbull Lockjaw

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the best way to release pitbull lockjaw may vary depending on the individual dog’s situation and specific circumstances. However, some tips on how to release pitbull lockjaw include applying pressure to the dog’s lower jaw, massaging the throat, and using a lubricant to help free the jaws.

-A Pitbull lockjaw release tool. This can be purchased from a pet store or online, or you may be able to make your own. -Wire cutters -A sturdy pair of pliers

  • if your dog is locked up by the jaw, try to calm it down and get a grip on its muzzle. 2. apply pressure to the side of the jaw opposite the lock, using your thumb and fingers. 3

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to release pitbull lockjaw. One is to use a lubricant such as petroleum jelly or muscle lotion to help slide the object out. You can also try using ice to numb the area and reduce swelling. If these methods don’t work, you may need to seek medical help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Release A Dog Bite?

You should always seek medical attention after a dog bite even if it does not appear serious. After seeking medical attention, you can then follow the instructions of your doctor on how to release the bite.

How Do You Unlock A Pitbull Jaw?

There is no certain answer to this question as the method of unlocking a pitbull jaw may vary depending on the individual dog. However, some methods that may be used to unlock a pitbull jaw include applying pressure to the outside of the jaw, using a finger to push up on the bottom canine teeth, or providing a sharp object such as a car key to wedge between the upper and lower teeth.

How Do You Release A Lockjaw On A Dog?

There are several ways to release a lockjaw on a dog. You can administer a sedative such as acepromazine, which will relax the dog’s jaw muscles and allow you to open the mouth. Alternatively, you can try to push the lower jaw forward and then pull the upper jaw upward. If neither of these methods is successful, you may have to perform a tracheotomy in order to insert an airway so that the dog can breathe.


If your pitbull is suffering from lockjaw, seek veterinary help immediately. Treatment options vary depending on the cause of the lockjaw, but may include medication, surgery, or physical therapy. In some cases, if the cause of the lockjaw is not treatable, euthanasia may be the most humane option.

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