If you have a dog with a staple wound, you will need to remove the staples. This can be done at home with some simple supplies.

How To Remove Staples From Dog Wound

There are a few ways to remove staples from a dog wound, but the most common is to use a staple remover. The remover has a small, curved claw that is inserted under the staple and pulled up. This action pops the staple out of the skin. If a staple remover is not available, blunt-tipped scissors can be used to cut the staple out. Tweezers can also be used, but they can be difficult to use and may cause more damage to

1) A pair of sterile scissors 2) A sterile gauze pad 3) A bottle of hydrogen peroxide 4) A roll of medical adhesive tape

  • Nosed scissors to cut them flush with the skin. apply pressure
  • Take a pair of pliers and remove staples from the dog wound
  • If the staples are close to the skin, you may need to use blunt

-If staples are in a clean, non-infected wound, they can be removed by a veterinarian or veterinary technician. -If staples are in an infected wound, they must be removed by a veterinarian. -Staples can be removed from a dog wound by using blunt forceps to clamp the staple and then pulling it out. -If the staple is sticking out of the skin, it can be cut off flush with the skin using sterile scissors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Vets Remove Staples From Dogs?

There are a few ways that vets can remove staples from dogs. One is to use a pair of pliers to grip the staple and then pull it out. Another is to cut the staple with scissors and then remove the pieces.

How Do Vets Take Staples Out?

There are a few different ways that vets can take staples out, depending on the size and location of the staple. Sometimes they will use a pair of scissors to cut the staple out, or they may use a small metal tool to remove it.

Do They Numb The Area Before Removing Staples?

In most cases, local anesthetic is not used prior to removing staples. Some healthcare providers may choose to numb the area with a topical anesthetic cream or ice if the person has a lot of anxiety about the procedure.


There are a few ways that you can remove staples from a dog wound. You can use a staple remover, or you can use needle-nose pliers. If you are using a staple remover, be sure to use the small end to get underneath the staple. If you are using needle-nose pliers, be sure to grip the staple tightly and pull it straight out.

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