If your puppy is chewing cords, there are a few things you can do to stop them. First, try to keep cords out of reach. If they are accessible, cover them with something bitter-tasting like Chew Guard or Vet’s Best Bitter Yuck No Chew Spray. You can also give your puppy chew toys to keep them occupied, and praise them when they chew on those instead of cords. If you catch your puppy in the act, say “no” firmly and redirect them to a toy. With patience and consistent training, your puppy will learn what is acceptable to chew on and what is not.

4 Steps to Stop Puppy From Chewing Cords

One way to stop a puppy from chewing cords is to provide the pup with plenty of chew toys. Chew toys can help redirect a pup’s chewing urge and can make chewing cords far less appealing. It’s important to choose chew toys that are specifically designed for puppies; many adult-sized chew toys are simply too tough for puppies to enjoy. Another way to deter cord-chewing is to make cords as unappealing as possible; this can be done by using bitter-tasting spray deterrents or by wrapping cords in foil or PVC tubing. With consistency and patience, most puppies can be taught to leave cords alone.

Cords can be very dangerous for puppies if they are not taught early on not to chew on them. If a puppy chews on an electrical cord, they can be electrocuted and seriously injured or killed. Even chewing on a cords can damage the cord, which can create a fire hazard. It is important to puppy proof your home and to teach your puppy not to chew on cords.

Step 1: Get The Puppy A Chew Toy

The first step to stop a puppy from chewing cords is to get the puppy a chew toy. This will provide the puppy with an outlet for their chewing urges, and help to protect your cords from being chewed.

Step 2: Make Sure Cords Are Out Of Reach

Make sure cords are out of reach: Put cords up and out of the way so your puppy can’t get to them. Get creative – use cord clips, cord tacks or cord raceways to keep cords out of reach.

Step 3: Teach The Puppy Not To Chew Cords

The easiest way to stop a puppy from chewing cords is by teaching it not to. This can be done by showing the puppy what it is not supposed to chew on, and then rewarding it when it refrains from chewing. For example, if the puppy chews on a toy, give it a treat. If the puppy chews on a cord, do not give it a treat. Eventually, the puppy will learn that it should only chew on toys, not cords.

Step 4: Praise The Puppy When It Does Not Chew Cords

When the puppy is not chewing cords, praise it with a happy voice and give it a small treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If A Puppy Chews A Wire?

If a puppy chews a wire, they may receive an electric shock. This can cause burns, injuries, or even death.

Do Puppies Chew Electrical Cords?

Yes, puppies (and other dogs) often chew on electrical cords. This can be dangerous because they can be electrocuted if they chew through the insulation. It is important to keep electrical cords out of reach of dogs, or to use cord covers to protect them.

Can Puppies Get Electrocuted?

Puppies can get electrocuted if they chew on electrical cords.

Why Do Dogs Chew On Electrical Cords?

There are a few reasons that dogs might chew on electrical cords. Some dogs do it because they are bored or anxious and chewing helps them to calm down. Other dogs might do it because they enjoy the taste or texture of the cords. And some dogs might chew on cords because they are teething and need something to chew on to help relieve their pain.

To Review

To prevent your puppy from chewing cords, you should provide them with plenty of chew toys and put cords away out of reach. If your puppy is still chewing cords, you can try spraying them with a bitter apple solution or vinegar.

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