If you are looking to tame a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a few things you will need to know. First and foremost, you will need to find a dog that is not currently wild. Once you have found a dog, you can begin the taming process. To tame a dog, you will need to feed it food until it is full. You will also need to pet the dog until it is calm. Repeat this process until the dog is tame.

How To Tame A Dog In Red Dead Redemption 2

There is no one perfect method to train a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2, as each animal will have its own personality and quirks. However, some tips on how to tame a dog include being consistent with commands, rewarding good behavior, and establishing yourself as the pack leader. It’s also important to keep in mind that taking care of a dog requires patience, time, and effort.

-Buckle collar -Rope or leash -Treats

  • If the dog is aggressive, back away slowly until it loses interest or turns its attention to something else
  • Once the dog has calmed down, offer it a
  • First, approach the dog cautiously and make sure it is not aggressive

There are a few things to consider when trying to tame a dog in Red Dead Redemption 2. One is that dogs can be quite territorial, so it’s important not to get too close to them if they’re guarding something they perceive as theirs. Additionally, it’s generally easier to tame dogs that are younger and less aggressive than those who are older and more territorial. Finally, it’s important to have some food on hand to coax the dog closer; meat or other food items seem to work

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Tame A Dog In Red Dead Redemption?

There is no one specific way to tame a dog in Red Dead Redemption. Different dogs will respond differently to different methods, so it’s really up to the player to figure out what works best with each individual animal. Some basic tips include being gentle and consistent when trying to tame a dog, and rewarding good behavior with food or petting.

How Do You Get A Pet Dog In Red Dead Redemption?

To get a pet dog in Red Dead Redemption, you must first purchase a dog kennel from the general store in Thieves Landing. After that, simply find a stray dog and bring it to the kennel to adopt it as your pet.

How Do You Make Your Dog Follow You In Red Dead?

There is no one definitive way to make your dog follow you in Red Dead Redemption, but some methods may be more successful than others. One approach is to call your dog to you with the whistle command, and then reward them with a treat or petting when they come close. You can also try using the “Come here” verbal cue. If your dog is particularly stubborn or disobedient, you may need to use a training collar or leash to keep them close by.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, the player can tame a dog by feeding it raw meat or dog biscuits. The dog will become the player’s companion and will help them fight enemies, track down prey, and carry items.

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