How To Tell If Dogs Are Playing Or Fighting

To tell if dogs are playing or fighting, it is important to look at their overall body language. For example, are they wagging their tails? Are their ears relaxed? Are they taking turns chasing each other? If all of these things are happening, then it is likely that the dogs are just playing. However, if the dogs are growling, baring their teeth, or one dog is constantly chasing the other, then they are likely fighting.

3 Steps to Tell If Dogs Are Playing Or Fighting

When dogs play, they tend to be very relaxed and their movements are fluid. Their tails are usually wagging and their ears are relaxed. They may mouth each other’s mouths or bodies, but they do not apply pressure and their teeth are never exposed. If dogs are fighting, their bodies will be tense and their movements will be jerky. Their tails will be held low and their ears will be pulled back. They will mouth each other’s mouths and bodies with pressure and their teeth will be exposed.

It is important to learn how to tell if dogs are playing or fighting because dogs usually play with each other by biting, clawing and wrestling. If two dogs are fighting, they will usually bite each other’s neck or face.

Step 1: The Dogs’ Body Language Will Be Stiff And Their Ears Will Be Up

If dogs are playing, their body language will be relaxed and their ears will be down. If dogs are fighting, their body language will be stiff and their ears will be up.

Step 2: Their Tails Will Be Up And Wagging If They Are Playing, But Down If They Are Fighting

If two dogs are playing, you will typically see their tails held up high and wagging back and forth. If they are fighting, their tails will be down low, often between their legs.

Step 3: They May Make Noises Such As Growling Or Whining If They Are Fighting

If you see two dogs playing and they start to make noises such as growling or whining, it is likely that they are fighting. If the dogs are just playing, they will usually not make any noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Dogs Like Each Other?

If you see your dogs playing together, wagging their tails, and licking each other’s face, they are probably best friends.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Dogs Playing And Dog Fighting?

The easiest way to tell the difference between dogs playing and dogs fighting is by their body language and vocalizations. When dogs are playing, they are typically more relaxed, with their tails wagging and their mouths open. They may also engage in play bows, where they lower their front end and raise their hind end in the air. Dogs that are fighting are usually stiffer, with their tails held low and their hackles (the hair along their backs) raised. They may also growl, snarl, or bark.

How Do I Know If My Dogs Are Playing Too Aggressively?

If your dog is biting, growling, or snapping more than usual during playtime, they may be playing too aggressively. Other signs include body stiffening, raised hackles, and a “stiff-legged” stance. If you’re concerned that your dog’s playtime is too rough, consult a professional trainer or behaviorist for help.

Taking Everything Into Account

Dogs communicate with each other through a variety of vocalizations and body language. It can be difficult to tell whether dogs are playing or fighting, but by paying close attention to their behavior, you can usually determine what is going on. Playing dogs will typically be relaxed and wagging their tails, while fighting dogs will be tense and their tails may be tucked between their legs.

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