If your dog is microchipped, then there are a few ways that you can track him if he goes missing. One way is to contact the microchip company and provide them with your dog’s chip number. They can then tell you where your dog was last scanned. You can also check online databases like Missing Pet Network or PetHarbor to see if anyone has reported seeing your dog. If you have a GPS tracking collar for your dog, you can also use that to track him

How To Track A Chipped Dog

If your dog has a microchip, there are several ways to track them if they get lost. One way is to call the microchip company and give them your pet’s microchip number. They will be able to tell you where your dog is and how to get them back home. You can also search for your dog online using a service like Petfinder.com. If your dog is wearing a collar with identification tags, contact the owner of the tag’s phone number to see if

– a chip scanner – the contact information of the chip company – a leash – a collar

  • look for the chip 2. if you can’t find the chip, look for any tattoos or markings on the dog 3. take the dog to a vet or animal shelter to scan them for a chip

How to Track a Chipped Dog If your dog is chipped, there are several ways you can track them if they go missing. One way is to contact the microchip company and provide them with your pet’s chip number. The company will then put your information into a national database of lost pets. Veterinarians and animal shelters also use this database to help return lost pets to their owners. Another way to track a chipped dog is through online pet-tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Track Your Dog If They Are Chipped?

There are a few ways to track your dog if they are chipped. One way is to use a microchip reader, which can be found at most pet stores. You can also use an app on your phone that uses GPS tracking to find your dog.

Can Dogs With Chips Be Tracked?

Yes, dogs with chips can be tracked. The chips are inserted between the dog’s shoulder blades and emit a signal that can be detected by a scanner. This signal can help track a lost or stolen dog.

Can You Track Your Dog With A Microchip?

Yes, you can track your dog with a microchip. The chip is implanted under the skin on the back of your dog’s neck and contains a unique identification number. When your dog is lost or stolen, you can contact the microchip company and provide them with the identification number. They will then be able to tell you where your dog is.


If your dog is missing and you have a chip, there are a few things you can do to help find them. First, call your local animal shelter and see if anyone has brought in a dog that looks like yours. You can also post about your lost dog on social media and websites like Craigslist and Nextdoor. Finally, check with your local veterinarian to see if they have any records of your dog being scanned for a chip.

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