When transferring AKC ownership of a dog, there are a few items that will need to be completed in order for the transfer to be processed. The new owner will need to provide the AKC with the dog’s registration application, as well as a copy of the bill of sale or transfer document. If the dog is being transferred between family members, then a letter signed by both owners stating this fact is acceptable in place of the bill of sale. The AKC also requires a $

How To Transfer Akc Ownership

When you purchase an AKC registered dog, the title to the dog is automatically transferred to you. You will receive a registration certificate in the mail, and this certificate is your proof of ownership. If you ever sell or give away your dog, you must provide the new owner with a copy of the registration certificate and accompanying information about the dog’s lineage.

The tools and materials needed to transfer AKC ownership of a dog are: -A copy of the dog’s AKC registration -The signature of the previous owner on the back of the AKC registration -The signature of the new owner on the front of the AKC registration -A check or money order for $25 made out to “The American Kennel Club”

  • The new owner fills out a change of owner/kennel name form and submits it to akc with the applicable fee
  • The akc processes the form and mails the new registration certificate, pedigree, and updated listing

There are a few things to consider when transferring AKC ownership. The first is that the new owner must be approved by the AKC. This can be done by submitting an application and paying the associated fees. The AKC will also check the new owner’s references and conduct a background check. The next step is to update the dog’s registration information with the AKC. This can be done online or by mail. The final step is to transfer the dog’s microchip registration to the

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Transfer Ownership Akc Registered Dog?

You can transfer ownership of an AKC registered dog by filling out a change of ownership form and sending it to the AKC.

How Do I Transfer Akc Microchip To New Owner?

To transfer an AKC microchip to a new owner, the old owner must provide the new owner with the microchip number and registration information. The new owner then registers the chip with AKC and updates the contact information.

Can I Change My Dogs Akc Registered Name Online?

Yes, you can change your dog’s AKC registered name online. To do so, you’ll need to log in to your AKC account and update the information on your dog’s registration.


When transferring AKC ownership, both the seller and the buyer must complete and sign the AKC Transfer of Ownership form, which is available on the AKC website. The transfer fee is $20. The seller must also provide a copy of the dog’s registration certificate to the buyer.

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