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Supernatural Where Is The Colt? Quick Answer

Supernatural Where Is The Colt? The Colt is a gun that was used by the Winchester brothers in the TV series Supernatural. The gun is said to be able to kill any supernatural being.

What did Ruby do to the Colt? Ruby did not do anything to the Colt. The Colt was given to Ruby by her father.

What happened to the Colt on Supernatural? The Colt was last seen in the hands of Sam Winchester. It is unknown what happened to it after that.

What happened to the Colt? The Colt revolver was a popular weapon during the American Civil War. However, it was eventually replaced by newer firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bela Talbot Come Back?

No, Bela Talbot does not come back in the show.

Who Has The Colt In Season 6?

In season 6 of the show “Supernatural”, the Colt is in the possession of the demon Crowley.

Why Did Bela Steal The Colt?

Bela stole the Colt because he wanted to use it to kill the Winchesters.

Is Bella Evil Supernatural?

No, Bella is not evil Supernatural. Bella is a good character who has done bad things in the past out of love.

What Happened To The Colt Spn?

The Colt SPN was discontinued in 2004.

Do They Get The Colt Back From Bela?

In the episode “No Place Like Home,” Bela tricks the Winchesters into giving her the Colt in order to barter for her soul. It is not clear if she ever returns the gun to them.

The Colt is a supernatural weapon that was used by the Winchesters to kill demons. It is said that the Colt can kill any demon, no matter what form it takes.

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